What size backpack is best for 4 weeks’ travel?

With the rapid growth of people likes to travel, backpacking turns to the most yearning travel form. There is no financial burden for backpacking and you can see more scenery, so what should we prepare for a 4 weeks’ journey? Let Matein share with you what best travel backpack need to prepare.
Backpackers' backpacks are very significant. Considering that we need to carry a lot of things, we must choose light and strong backpacks. So, the backpack capacity should be around 55 liters for a four weeks’ journey. The most important thing is that the backpack with USB charger is waterproof. So Matein Carry On Backpack is a great choice for you.

2.Comfortable shoes
In addition to backpacks, we need to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes. New shoes are uncomfortable to wear. Common shoes are not slip-resistant, so it is best to prepare a pair of hiking shoes that have been worn for a while.

3.Umbrella, flashlight, kettle, camera.
When it rains or when the sun roasts, it’s important to bring an umbrella during the journey. Besides, if it’s late and there is no place to live, we will use a flashlight. The kettle should also be prepared. We need to drink a lot of water during the journey, so we can save a lot of money with a kettle.
4. Bankcard.
You still have to prepare a bank card. If you travel, you will encounter many situations on the road, just in case you need it.

5.Compass, tent, map.
Maps and compasses are convenient for us to use when we get lost in the wild. The tent is also very important. If you go to a place where there is no hostel, you can sleep in a tent at night. Of course, you must also prepare a sleeping bag.

Now you must know what tsa backpack size is best for 4 weeks’ travel and some essential accessory you should take.
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