Which is Better? Backpack or Shoulder Bag

As summer is around the cornor and beach days become more frequent, how do you bring beach essentials? Although many people choose to carry a ladies shoulder bag, it may not be the best choice for your health.

Although bags such as handbags are easy to grasp and are usually spacious, carrying heavy handbags for long periods of time may impair your natural gait. Your natural gait is the way your arms and legs swing when walking, which is vital to the overall balance of your body.

Which is Better? Backpack or Shoulder Bag

When carrying a shoulder bag, this will increase the weight of one shoulder and make the other arm work harder to compensate for the weight of the bag. This will lose balance and cause back and muscle pain.

If you tend to place the tote bag on the same arm, this may cause the muscles to become larger while the other arm remains the same, leading to further imbalances. Depending on the weight of your shoulder bag, putting it mainly on one shoulder can also cause cramps on the other side of the spine, which can cause tightness and pain in the lower back and bones.

Other results of carrying a heavy satchel may include:
1.Muscle tightness
3.Reduced neck curvature due to tightness, also known as "military neck"
4.Neck pain makes it difficult to turn your head

If you want to avoid any of the above situations, you can choose to use a new backpack instead of a shoulder bag. The backpack can distribute the weight you carry evenly instead of concentrating on one side, thus maintaining the body's natural gait and balance.

Which is Better? Backpack or Shoulder Bag

Although backpacks are usually better, they can also cause problems when carrying heavy items. This may force your spine to bend back, causing you to pull forward to maintain your balance. This action will compress your spine inappropriately, causing hip and back pain and a hunched posture.

Some useful techniques can avoid the symptoms of overweight back and shoulders caused by backpacks or backpacks. These technologies include:

1.Choose a backpack with a wider strap so you can further reduce the weight of your back and shoulders
2.Replace shoulders regularly
3.Choose other bags with hip belt
4.Avoid wearing high heels when carrying your bag, otherwise it will cause further imbalance and pain

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