Which parts of the rolling backpack are easy to break?

For those who have been on business for a long time, rolling backpacks have become an indispensable part of life. Usually do not use the time is to pay attention to maintenance, otherwise the rolling backpack in the journey there are problems, will let you bring unpleasant. Then how to carry out the backpack with wheels maintenance? Here are some tips for you to use.

Which parts of the rolling backpack are easy to break

Surface material:

The surface materials are divided into Oxford cloth, leather, ABS+PC, PC, etc.For fabric ties, wet cloth or a viscose roller brush can be used to clean the surface.When removing relatively serious besmirch, can use wet cloth or soft brush dip in neuter cleaner is swabbed.ABS+PC, PC can be directly with wet cloth water scrub, simple and convenient.


Regardless of the material of the wheel, all the weight of the rolling backpack is concentrated on the wheels.The wheel is also easy to wear out in the process of dragging the trolley backpack. A rolling backpack wheel is broken basically equal to can't accompany you to roam all over the world any more.So lay the backpack flat or put the standing side at the bottom to lighten the load on the wheels after use.

Which parts of the rolling backpack are easy to break

Trolley pull rod is also one of the positions that is easy to break, if you can, choose aluminum alloy pull rod box pull rod products as far as possible when choosing pull rod box, such pull rod is relatively consolidated, not easy to deformation and damage. At ordinary times also should pay attention to avoid letting the child keep playing with pull rod. Break the service life of the tie-rod.

wheeled laptop backpack

Matein Rolling laptop Backpack

Handle and Zipper

Take care not to overload the handle when you carry it, so as not to overload the handle and break it.The zipper of a rolling backpack is most afraid of the zipper being broken. When choosing a rolling backpack, please check in advance whether the zipper line of the tie box is sewn flat and flat, which will make it easy to be pulled and not easy to be broken. Also, do not overload the box and cause the backpack to burst.

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