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Our story

May 2014 Denver Colorado. Tom and I were sitting in the coffee for a little chat about my recent trip. The lost passport accident inspired us to build a new backpack brand. The brand name Matein was initially from Tom’s response to my startup idea, “Mate, I'm in!” Just like that, a symbol of companion and friendship infused its soul into the brand. Imaging the backpack is your best mate that carries everything you need and secures every trip you take. That is your true mate in a way that others can't replace.

The concept of anti-theft is just an initial idea. We spent months of back and forth on design, then we applied the charge port on the backpack. What's next? We thought it was time to find a reliable manufacturer who can best integrate our ideas into the backpack. Eventually, after more than three months of seeking, we found a manufacturer in China. When we first got the sample backpack in hand, it gave us too many feelings that we cannot simply express by words.The first backpack with functions of anti-theft and charging was just born. In less than half a year, Matein officially launched its first collection on Amazon and quickly received rave reviews from customers. Outperformed the famous brands to get in the best seller list, and yet it is still ranked first. 

What’s the secret to success? I think the reason is we are both the seller and the customer. Why did I say this? Because we encountered the problems that you encountered. We needed the features you needed. We felt what you felt. That’s the reason we can do a better job. We don't just want to make and sell backpacks. So far, Matein is still booming. Throughout the city, in the schools, on the streets, and at the airports, you can see so many people carrying Matein backpacks. It’s crazy to think that Matein has grown from just two of us sitting in the cafe into a bag company with millions of backpack sold to the world within just two years. Deep down, we believe that we’re not just a backpack company. We want to be a company that inspires people to go out and explore the wonderful world. And we know that we couldn't have gone so far if without the tremendous support from our beloved customers. So, keep striving to provide the best products and services to the customers is always at the heart of Matein's development. We believe in a quote which goes something like 'Stay aligning your business with your customers' needs is the best way to keep your business flourishing.

Matein, carry your world!
From Mike&Tom