Are wheeled backpacks good for school?

Recently, many parents are considering whether to buy a backpack with wheels for their children. Because the child's schoolbag is getting heavier. If child use a wheeled school bag, it feels like the child will not be so hard going to school. And they found that many children bring a rolling backpack to go to school every day.

There are many children who use trolley school bags. It can be seen in some schools that although the vast majority of children use backpacks, the "occupancy rate" of trolley school bags has reached about 20%. Among them, the majority of children in lower grades use backpacks; students in higher grades often use trolley bags. It is not difficult to find that many senior students use trolley school bags.

Matein Marvy School Backpack

A boy in elementary school drags a trolley school bag to school every day, "Trolley school bag is very convenient on the road, but it is very inconvenient when going up and downstairs, and it feels heavier."

There are obvious differences in the protection and use functions of student backpacks on the market. When parents choose schoolbags for their children, which one should they choose? Can I choose a wheeled rolling backpack?

Experts say that if the length of the trolley rod is not suitable for the school bag, it will cause damage to the child.

Some experts suggest that the choice of school bags is the first choice of backpacks. "Just like a good mountaineering bag, the back material is thicker and not easily deformed. Elementary school bags should follow this principle. Parents should not adjust the straps of the school bags too long, and the center of gravity should fall exactly on the lower waist."

Are wheeled backpacks good for school?

Regarding the rolling back pack, the expert believes that if the length of the trolley of the trolley school bag is not suitable, it will cause damage to the child. "If a child is used to pulling a schoolbag with one hand, it will cause uneven force on both sides of the spine over time."

Experts also warned that both sides of the spine are like balances. If only one side is used, the spine will bend and bend to one side in the long run. . In childhood, because the spine is still developing, it should be ensured that both sides are evenly stressed, so the backpack is the best choice.

Are wheeled backpacks good for school?

In addition, he also reminded citizens that children’s schoolbags should not be too heavy. “No matter how good the protection is, if the schoolbags are too heavy, they will still have an impact to child.”

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