Classification of Outdoor Backpacks

Exciting outdoor sports such as camping, mountain climbing, trekking, and crossing are more and more praised by people. Outdoor sports must carry some corresponding equipment, and choosing a best travel backpack with good performance is often the first step in preparation.

Backpacks, also known as mountaineering bags, were originally used as backpacks for climbers to load supplies and equipment. Because of its scientific design, reasonable structure, convenient loading, comfortable and easy carrying, it is conducive to long-distance travel, so it is loved by climbers. Nowadays, the significance of mountaineering bags is far from limited to mountaineering. Some people also like to use such backpacks when traveling, exploring or fieldwork.

Classification of Outdoor Backpacks


There are many outdoor backpacks on the market, and they are divided into three categories by their volume. It is customary to call large travel backpack above 50L as big bags, backpacks with 35-45L as middle bags, and backpacks below 30L as small bags. As far as the backpack function is concerned, it can be roughly divided into eight series.

Mountain Adventure Backpacks

Suitable for extreme mountaineering and long-distance trekking. This type of backpack has high support strength, strong bearing capacity, abundant external hanging points, complicated technology, and special attention to functionality. It is the first choice for high-strength and professional outdoor sports.

Hiking Backpacks

Designed for long-distance hiking and travel, it has strong support, relatively simple, light weight, and the loading design is more focused on sorting and loading items, suitable for general camping and crossing activities. Hiking trolley backpack becomes popular these days.

Classification of Outdoor Backpacks

Mountaineering climbing Backpacks

Designed for professional or amateur rock climbing and ice climbing. In order not to affect the climbing, the soft back design is usually adopted. The fabric is selected for high tensile and abrasion resistance. It is specially equipped with fixed crampons and climbing rope devices. The external hanging is abundant, which is convenient for hanging equipment. Some styles are also equipped with pads for finishing equipment cloth.

Ski Backpacks

A backpack designed for outdoor skiing. The fixed snowboard structure and specially designed snow shovel pockets make the backpack look very professional. The bright colors and super wear-resistant fabric are sturdy and durable. It is an ideal choice for winter skiing and adventure activities.

Cycling Backpacks

Cycling is a high-speed sport. Large backpacks not only affect sports, but also easily cause weightlessness. Based on this, this series of backpacks are usually designed with exquisite and compact design, with emphasis on streamlines, bright colors, and emphasis on functionality. The water bottle or water bag structure, helmet structure, rainproof device, and fluorescent reflector of the cycling bag provide great convenience for cycling.

Outing Backpacks

If you are traveling without camping equipment, a new-designed hiking backpack may be more suitable for you. This medium-sized backpack with ventilation device on the back is usually a main bag and several additional bags, which is very convenient for sorting and loading items, and it is rainproof. , Cushion function, plug-in function will make you feel satisfied with the use effect.

Classification of Outdoor Backpacks 52

Leisure Backpacks

On weekends and holidays, shopping, climbing in the suburbs, carrying a small bag with a classic design, and carrying some common items with you are also a pleasant enjoyment.

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