Tips for booking cheaper hotel room

When traveling with a large travel backpack, you always need to consider accommodation. The place to sleep at night is one of the main expenses of a fixed travel. Therefore, learning how to find cheap accommodation will help you save more money for activities. Your choice of accommodation mainly depends on your travel budget, destination, number of people, style and hobbies.

Fortunately, there are ways to extend your holiday budget without affecting your accommodation choices. No matter where you are, you can save on hotel bookings in the following 7 tips:

Tips for booking cheaper hotel room

1. Arrange your scheduled time
You can book the hotel 30 days in advance. Booking a hotel 30 days in advance is usually the most affordable. If you forget to book a hotel one month in advance, that's okay, you can have the opportunity to stay in a five-star hotel at a cheap price through other methods. Book a hotel 7-10 days in advance and the room rate is relatively low,too.

In addition, you can also book a hotel on any day. As prices may fluctuate, the best time to book is usually within 24 hours of stay, at which time the hotel will significantly reduce the price to avoid vacancies. But this will bring a lot of uncertainty. For example, if you have not packed your carry on backpack. And it is not ideal when traveling in unfamiliar places.

2. Use your other memberships to get more discounts
Many hotels offer room discounts for members of intimate groups such as AARP, AAA, frequent flyer programs, and the military. Discounts vary, but AAA members can enjoy discounts of 5% to 15% lower than normal prices at cheap hotels and resorts.

Tips for booking cheaper hotel room

3. Choose mid-week travel
Big cities are the first choice for many people when they travel, but the traffic in big cities is worse on weekends, and there are more cars on the road, because people usually have time to go out on weekends. Therefore, the price of the hotel will rise with the increase in demand. We were surprised by how much the price of accommodation increased over the weekend-some places tripled.

4. Stay in the suburbs
Neil Emerson, Director of Business Development at Tourico Holidays, said: "If you choose to live in the suburbs of a large and medium-sized city, you will find many high-end hotels with fairly low prices."

In addition, the parking fees at these hotels are relatively reasonable, and some are even completely free. You must know that in those hotels in the city center, you simply cannot enjoy these discounts.

5. Avoid additional costs
The hotel may charge extra fees to guests, such as using fitness equipment or swimming pool towels. The travel service website should clearly inform tourists in advance which items or facilities of attractions and hotels require additional fees.

Unfortunately, because the hotel did not inform the third-party platform of such additional costs in advance, this information is sometimes not disclosed. You can ask the staff in advance to know which things require extra charges and don't use these things.

6. Travel agency booking hotel
It is easy to compare hotel prices and book hotels via the Internet, but sometimes using a travel agency to book hotels can save you a lot of money. Travel agencies can use their relationship with the hotel to get more favorable prices, which can also bring more guests to the hotel.

7. Set a price drop reminder
Some travel search engine service providers can track changes in hotel prices in real time for you. You only need to register on the website to get the latest news as soon as possible. The website will notify you of the latest changes in hotel room rates via text messages or emails, so you can avoid the hassle of checking room rates repeatedly every day.

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Tips for booking cheaper hotel room
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