What Else Do You Need in Your School Backpack?

No need to think about it, you will never forget to bring notebooks, books and pens in your school laptop backpack. But learning requires more than just these school supplies. So besides these school supplies, what else needs to be put in the student backpack?

What Else Do You Need in Your School Backpack?

1. Water bottle
Basically every student backpack will have side elastic net pockets. This is for every student to bring a water bottle. Staying hydrated is the key to ensuring a successful day at school. Whether you are in the classroom or exercising outdoors, drinking water is essential to the human body. Another benefit is that you can save your food money in this way-instead of buying a drink in every restaurant on campus. You just need to refill your bottle.

Many people like to wait until they are thirsty before drinking water. Actually it is not, because at that time your body is already short of water. You can drink water regularly at appropriate intervals to keep your body hydrated.

2. Hand sanitizer
There are many places to be touched every day, and students are easily exposed to all kinds of bacteria. The number of bacteria on your locker, the table you sit on, and the door handle you open is full of bacteria. A drop of disinfectant can keep your hands as clean as possible throughout the day.

What Else Do You Need in Your School Backpack?

3. Umbrella
Many people do not understand why they must bring umbrellas. Especially in such a changeable summer weather, the first minute may be sunny, and the next minute may be heavy rain. In order to protect yourself and your things from being saturated, you must bring an umbrella.

4. Lunch
If you don’t buy your lunch at school, pack a lunch in your student backpack. Make what you like and put it in your backpack. It is a good idea to put food in separate lunch boxes or bags to prevent them from spoiling. You can choose to bring a lunch box backpack. This will not only keep your food fresh, but also have many rooms to strore your school supplies.

5. Calculator
If you are a science major, a scientific calculator can be said to be your essential item. Compared with the simple calculator function in the mobile phone, an old-fashioned calculator can better meet your needs. If you have something that your major often needs, just take one or two with you, it will make your life easier.

What Else Do You Need in Your School Backpack?

6. Lip balm
Some people are prone to chapped lips, especially in winter, a lip balm is necessary. Don't think that you can continue to lick your lips until they are moisturized again. It will actually be worse. So a lip balm can keep your lips plump and smooth.

In addition to the above six things that need to be carried in your student backpack, you can also carry other necessities according to your needs. If you want to organize test papers, you can bring loose-leaf folders. If you are prone to hunger, it is also important to bring some snacks with you. Carry more or fewer items according to your needs.

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