What is the weight of a backpack suitable for humans?

Many students or backpackers who travel for a long time put a lot of heavy things into their best travel backpacks. Here is a reminder that everyone should not be overweight backpack so as not to affect the life of the backpack and even your own health. Why do you say that? Please look down.

Any backpack has a certain load-bearing range

If the weight exceeds the load-bearing range, the backpack may be damaged, which directly affects the use. Therefore, when purchasing a backpack, you should pay attention to the approximate weight range of the backpack you are buying, and see if it meets your carrying needs. If it fails to meet your needs, it is recommended not to buy it.

 In addition, the human body also has a range of carrying capacity

If it exceeds a certain range of carrying weight, it may have an impact on health in the long run. Generally speaking, for teenagers who are in the growth and development stage, the weight of the student backpack cannot exceed 10% of their body weight. For adults or women with average physical fitness, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 15% of the body weight. Even for a person of good physical fitness, the weight of the backpack cannot exceed 20% of the body weight.

When shopping for a backpack, try to choose a big travel backpack with a shoulder strap with wider straps. It is best to choose a style that has a waist and abdomen to help load-bearing. Most people will not be able to carry a heavy backpack for a long time. If the shoulders, necks and arms are damaged due to the weight of the backpack, it can usually be recovered through physical therapy, exercise and other methods. However, if treatment or correction is not timely, it may cause serious consequences such as spinal injury and back muscle asymmetry, which should be taken seriously.

There will inevitably be a lot of luggage when traveling, but don’t forget to use backpacks properly. Don't let your backpack be overloaded, which will affect your use or your health.

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