Back to School 2021 School Supplies Shopping List

Back-to-school shopping is an exciting ritual for you and your child, but it can also feel like a chore. Of course, new clothes, new shoes, new school supplies, new lunch bags and new backpacks will be fun. But this annual ceremony can easily overwhelm parents financially, organizationally, and emotionally.

We are here to provide realistic guidance. Include, you will find a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about back-to-school shopping, including a list of what you really need to buy.

Back-to-School Accessories

Your child's accessory needs come down to individual style and personal taste—although just about every student will need a backpack. Many states that offer tax-free weekend events for the back-to-school shopping season stipulate that accessories are not tax-free, so you'll want to check the laws in your state. Some of the other accessories you want to consider include:



Bring electronics to school

In schools, mobile phones and other electronic devices are being used and misused more and more. Usually, the use of these personal items is restricted or completely prohibited. Check with your child’s school for specific rules and recommendations that apply to your students.
Some classrooms—especially in the upper grades of private schools and well-funded public school districts—have enough computers for students to use. At the same time, some schools do not have enough equipment.
Some schools even encourage or require students to bring their own mobile phones, computers or iPads, while other programs provide these devices for all students or those who do not have a mobile phone at home. Although these devices are not required by schools, most teenagers have them, especially mobile phones. Many young people also have laptops or have the opportunity to use them.
According to a survey conducted by Common Sense Media, more than 50% of 11-year-old children have their own mobile phones. By the age of 14, this number rises to more than 80%. It is recommended that most older children use laptops and the Internet at home. Since a large amount of homework is completed and turned in electronically, it is especially important for junior and high school students to go online.


Before you shop, contact your child's school to get a specific list of back-to-school supplies you need to buy. Don't assume that the school supplies your students need are the same as your siblings in that grade.

These lists are very different from year to year, even from the same teacher. Get the list from the school so you don’t waste time and money on things you don’t need, and you don’t lack what you need.

High school and junior high school students usually need more writing-related items, while elementary school students need less organization supplies and more art-related products. Students may also need specific items such as paint, paintbrushes, or scientific calculators in elective courses or higher-level math and science courses.

However, all children need some basic things, such as pencils, glue, and tape. Generally speaking, you can expect to buy:

At this time, quarantine products are essential.

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