How to travel with a backpack on an airplane?

You can bring your best travel backpack on the plane when you travel. There is a luggage compartment above the seat, as  the picture shows below.

Matein travel backpack

Due to the limitation of the luggage compartment space, there’re some regulations for carry on backpacks:

1.The weight of carry-on items is limited to 5 kg per passenger. Passengers holding first-class tickets can carry two items ,The volume of each carry-on item shall not exceed 20×40×55 cm. Carry-on items exceeding the above-mentioned weight, number or volume limits shall be checked as checked baggage.

 2.The weight of each piece of checked baggage cannot exceed 50 kgs, and the volume cannot exceed 40 × 60 × 100 cm. Carry on backpack that exceeds the above regulations must be checked in advance with the carrier's consent.

Can't bring:

1.Deterrent equipment

Guns, military or police equipment, and controlled knives cannot be consigned or carried, and will only be confiscated. Everyone knows this.

2.Flammable and explosive materials

Obviously, lighters, firecrackers, fireworks, alcohol and other flammable and explosive items can neither be carried nor checked in.

3.Other prohibited items specified by the state

In addition to the above items, prohibited, restricted items, and dangerous items stipulated by the country and airlines cannot be carried along or checked in luggage.

Matein travel backpack

4.Tea drinks

Tea and beverages cannot be carried on the plane, and all the liquid in the cup must be poured out when entering the security check.

Tips: Of course, a small amount of wine cannot be carried on the plane, it can only be checked.

5.Fruit knife

Generally, fruit knives with a blade less than 6cm can only be checked in luggage and cannot be carried with you.

6.Mobile phone battery

Mobile phone batteries can only be carried in the mobile phone and cannot be checked in luggage.


For women, the requirements of cosmetics are also quite strange. For cosmetics with a capacity greater than 100ml, it is recommended to put the cosmetics in the luggage.

Matein travel backpack

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