Do you feel back pain after putting on your student backpack? I hope that children do not have to buy or carry expensive, heavy and environmentally unfriendly textbooks. You can try to rent online textbooks. Or hold some books by hand instead of putting them on the backpack.

Do you need to reduce its weight when carrying a backpack make back sore?

Generally, we can carry loads we cannot safely lift, but if you have to carry a load of books for miles, your back may be injured.

Research tells us that a heavy backpack may change the child’s original spine position to accommodate and load a heavy backpack. This may cause back pain, and even cause temporary squeezing of the spinal disc and changes in walking posture.

Once the weight of the school bag reaches about 26 pounds, backpack wearers tend to adjust their posture. For children, when the weight of the slim backpack accounts for about 20% of their body weight, it may start to interfere with the child's breathing.

Do you need to reduce its weight when carrying a backpack make back sore?

If you really need to carry all these books, consider buying a more sturdy and quality backpack. The aluminum frame and a strap can reduce the load of your back.

When I was a student, my parents helped me choose the right spine protection schoolbag. This effectively transfers part of the pressure of the schoolbag from the shoulders to the pelvis, reducing the pressure on the neck and shoulders. At that time, it helped me carry 35 pounds with a 95-pound body.

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