Four types of backpacks worth buying

(1) Fashion backpack
As a daily backpack, the simple style is the style that everyone loves. No matter the style you wear is simple or trendy, this type of backpack can highlight your charm. Fashion backpacks are mainly used by ladies, most of which are made of PU material, but also made of canvas fabric. PU fabric bags are usually used as handbags that ladies must bring when going out, and canvas fabric backpacks are also popular among primary and middle school students and used as school bags for school. Fashion backpacks are more suitable for casually dressed ladies when they go out.

Four types of backpacks worth buying

Shopping TIPS:
1. First of all, pay attention to the appearance. Since it is a fashionable backpack, the backpack with an outstanding appearance can add charming to you.
2. The choice of material mainly depends on what type you like, canvas or leather. When shopping for bags, remember to choose a dressing style that matches your own.

(2) Large laptop backpack
As the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle. A good laptop naturally also has a matching backpack. The backpack computer bag is made of anti-vibration protection materials, coupled with a special ergonomic design and unique reinforcement production process, which is extremely durable and very popular. In addition to the shock-proof protective compartment specially used to hold the computer, the computer backpack also has a considerable space for small items such as luggage. Many high-quality computer backpacks are also widely used as sports travel bags.

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Shopping TIPS:
1. The first thing to pay attention to is the material and workmanship of the backpack. Good materials and workmanship can greatly increase the service life of your backpack.
2. Most people are attracted by the appearance of the item and choose to buy. The appearance can be selected according to personal preferences. But the simple shape will make your shoulder computer backpack more attractive.
3. When buying a computer backpack, you must pay attention to the internal structure of the laptop bag, and there should be more and orderly functional pockets. It is best to have shockproof cotton inside, which can protect the laptop to the greatest extent.

(3) Large travel backpack
For outdoor enthusiasts and people who like to travel, backpacks are a very important equipment. Capacity is an important reference indicator for travel backpacks. Generally, if you travel within 3 days, you can choose a backpack of about 30L; if you travel for more than 3 days, a backpack of 50L or more is best. Different destination backpacks are different. Try to choose mountaineering bags for climbing. It has many straps and is very strong on the body. If you want to camp and need to carry more items, you must choose a folding backpack to adjust the size of the capacity. If it is a city trip or a regular scenic spot, a normal backpack is sufficient. Too big or too complicated is not conducive to queuing, going in and out of security checks, and frequently picking things up.

Shopping TIPS:
1. If the destination is very hot, use a breathable net when choosing a backpack. In this way, there is a breathable mesh barrier between the back and the backpack, so that the back will not stick to the backpack after sweating.
2. Choose a backpack with wider shoulder straps, making it more comfortable to carry.
3. Choose a big backpack with suitable fabric. If the tourist destination is rainy, buy a backpack made of waterproof fabric.

(4) Photography backpack
The inside of the camera bag is reasonably separated according to the shape of the photographic equipment, so that every inch of space can be used as much as possible. And there are buffer partitions between the equipment, each equipment can be well protected. Ordinary backpacks can only take equipment from above, while some photography backpacks can quickly take photographic equipment from the side, which greatly facilitates the photographer to grab the lens. Loading capacity, workmanship, accessories, anti-theft and other elements can be used as a reference for buying a photography backpack.

Four types of backpacks worth buying

Shopping TIPS:
1. Shoulder strap: We recommend an integrated shoulder strap. The shape of the shoulder strap has a moderate "S" curve, which conforms to the ergonomic design.
2. Follow the principle of "upper narrow and lower width" as a whole. Viewed from the side, the body of the bag is a right-angled triangle or a right-angled trapezoid. After loading the stuff, the center of gravity is at the bottom, and the waist and tail vertebra of the human body can support it;
3. Sweat-conducting system: There is an airflow groove on the back to form a sweat-conducting system. Waist pad: The premium camera bag also comes with a waist pad design, which can play a role in waist protection.

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